3A Composites Core Materials

3A Composites Core Materials is a global organizational unit within the 3A Composites Group. We are a global leader with the broadest portfolio of high-performing and sustainable core materials focused on PET foam, AIREX®, and balsa wood, BALTEK®.

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recycled plastic PET core

JEC World 2019 preview: 3A Composites
3A Composites Core Materials (Sins, Switzerland) is launching its reformulated AIREX T92 core, as well as its BALTEK SealX and Adaptive ContourKore balsa cores.

IBEX 2018 exhibition & conference welcomed 4,300 attendees and 700 exhibitors

IBEX 2018: Growth, 3D printing and thermoplastic composites in the marine industry
Sustainability was the fourth trend, including recycling end-of-life fiberglass boats.

balsa core

3A Composites balsa core material selected by US Navy
The company’s BALTEK SB balsa core has received ABS Certification and is currently the only balsa core material approved for the US Navy shipbuilding programs.  

satellite shipping container

Composite container protects satellites — on the ground
Cored composites add the strength, smoothness and portability needed for a container built to ship satellites over air, land and water.

Big composite container protects vital satellite
Before they experience the vibrations of launch and the rigors of the space environment, satellites first have to make it to the launch pad. Pagnotta Engineering Inc. (PEI, Exton, PA, US) was called upon by Orbital ATK (Dulles, VA, US) to design a shipping box to protect Orbital ATK’s GEOStar-3 geosynchronous satellite bus structure, during shipment.

Plant Tour: FiberCore Europe, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
From debond-proof bridges to cost-saving infrastructure rehab, InfraCore technology is establishing composites as the fourth major construction material.

Sicomin epoxy, 3A foam receive fire classification
Sicomin’s SR1125 infusion epoxy, combined with 3A’s AIREX T90 structural PET foam, has been certified to the EN45545-2 standard.

Report from IBEX 2015
As always, IBEX supplied new products, processes and education, not only to boatbuilders, but to the composites industry overall.

Thermoplastic for aircraft interiors
Solvay (Brussels, Belgium) has launched Tegralite, a family of high-performance, semi-finished thermoplastic-based materials designed for use in aircraft interiors applications.

Core collaboration for Solvay and 3A
Solvay and 3A Composites announced at JEC Europe a collaborative effort to develop and manufacture specialty foams and sandwich materials for lightweighting in the advanced transportation market.

3A Composites invests in new US foam extrusion line
Brisk demand and launch of new AIREX T10 product drive capacity increase for extruded AIREX core materials.

PET-based structural core
3A Composites has introduced AIREXT10, the first product derivative based on the new technology AIREX GEN2, a highly industrialized production process introduced by 3A Composites last year.

3A Composites expanding PET foam production
Increased customer demand, particularly in high-volume processes, is driving demand for more foam core products, says the company.

3A Composites, STRUCTeam collaborate on boat feasibility studies
The structural design solution provides an instant preliminary study of motor and sail boats between 25 ft and 70 ft long. 3A also has acquired PNG Balsa.

AIA 2014 Convention report
The ACMA helps American Institute of Architects launch Composites Pavilion at Chicago convention.

IBEX 2012 Review
Under the banner “The Future of Marine Technology,” the 22nd International BoatBuilders’ expo confronts a brave new world.

Material selection optimizes power-to-weight ratio for twin-masted catamaran
Composites are the key when Pauger Carbon Composites (Budapest, Hungary) builds the Fifty-Fifty, a twin-mast catamaran, the design objective for which is the best possible power-to-weight ratio for high speed over long distances.

IBEX 2011 Review
As the International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition & Conference again docks in Louisville, the industry continues a slow and tentative rebound.

Designing the largest solar-powered vacht
All-composite catamaran Tûranor continues its global circumnavigation, using only the power of the sun.

IBEX 2010: Looking up in Louisville
A new location helps regenerate a recession-battered industry, drawing in more exhibitors and attendees than in 2009.

Wind foam sources: PET, SAN & PVC
That polyethylene terephthalate (PET) foam is the core material of the future appears to be an open secret within the composites industry.

Product Categories of 3A Composites Core Materials

  • Core materials and flow media
    • Balsa
    • Foam core
      • Foam core, PET (polyethylene terephthalate) foam
      • Foam core, PVC
      • Foam core, other
Design, testing, consulting, other services
  • CAD/CAM/CAE design