AGY Holding Corp.

High-performance fiberglass reinforcements, including S-1, S-2, S-3, ZenTron, VeTron, L-Glass and E-Glass products. Various product forms available, such as yarns, rovings and chopped strands. Products are used in aerospace, defense, electronics, construction, industrial, automotive, recreation/consumer and renewable-energy applications.

2556 Wagener Rd.
Aiken, SC 29801 US

Additional Locations:
Le Gemellyon Nord, 57 Blvd. Marius Vivier Merle
69003 Lyon, FR
33 4727 81775


As Seen In CompositesWorld

hybrid composites, hybrid composite materials

Hybrid composite materials: tailoring for specific performance
I received a link to an interesting technical paper presented at CAMX by AGY (Aiken, SC, US). It got me thinking about hybrid composites.

Fiber-metal laminates in the spotlight
Interest in FMLs is growing again as aeroengineers search for lightweight solutions adaptable to new narrowbody commercial aircraft.

OOA composites in next-generation launch systems
As United Launch Alliance ULA replaces Atlas and Delta with next-generation launch rockets under the Vulcan name, supplier Ruag Space has been selected to provide lower cost/improved quality out-of-autoclave fabrication of Vulcan’s composite primary structures. Ruag will manufacture 5.4m payload fairings and 400-series interstage adapters for ULA’s Atlas V rocket.

Size-unlimited OOA composite process enables next-gen system
United Launch Alliance selects Ruag Space for lower cost/improved quality out-of-autoclave manufacture of Vulcan’s composite primary structures.

The resurgence of GLARE
Airbus pursues fiber metal laminates for future narrowbody construction, citing cost, weight, repair and lightning strike benefits.

JEC World 2016, the full report
CompositesWorld's editors report on the technologies and products that caught our eye at JEC World 2016, in early March.

carbon fiber, composites

The fiber
The structural properties of composite materials are derived primarily from the fiber reinforcement. Fiber types, their manufacture, their uses and the end-market applications in which they find most use are described.

AGY completes glass fiber capacity expansion
The expansion affects AGY's S-2 Glass and L-Glass specialty glass fiber product lines.

Jushi initiates, AGY expands, US-based glass capacity
Two of the biggest names in fiberglass manufacturing made big announce- ments at JEC Europe 2015.

AGY expands glass fiber capacity
Glass fiber specialist AGY is aggressively expanding S-2 and L glass capacity to meet widespread, multi-market demand increases.

The fiber (2015)
The structural properties of composite materials are derived primarily from the fiber reinforcement. Fiber types, their manufacture, their uses and the end-market applications in which they find most use are described.

Printed circuit boards: A mobile market
Glass fiber/epoxy prepregs have dominated the mammoth PCB market for decades. Will that continue in a time of great change?

Owens Corning, AGY strike S-Glass relationship
Owens Corning will license its S-Glass technology exclusively to AGY, which will assume commercial and operating responsibility for all of Owens Corning's S-Glass-related business.

AGY starts production of S-1 HM glass
The company is working with CTG/Taishan Fiberglass, who will produce the new product that is better than E-Glass but less expensive than high-end glass.

Thermoplastics-compatible glass fiber
AGY (Aiken, S.C.) announced at JEC Europe 2014 a range of S-2 Glass and E-glass yarns with thermoplastics-compatible sizings.

Carbon landing gear leg cushions UAV landing
Using its Lost Core Resin Transfer Molding (LCRTM) system, Wichita, Kan.-based Fiber Dynamics Inc. manufactured the main landing gear strut for the Predator B MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle.

AGY, CTG/Taishan Fiberglass launch glass fiber production
China-based CTG/Taishan Fiberglass will manufacture AGY's S-1 HM glass, which is aimed primarily at the wind energy market.

AGY sells Huntingdon continuous filament mat unit
The CFM business in Huntingdon, Pa., USA, has been purchased by Stonewood Capital Management Inc.

AGY names Drew Walker president and CEO
Walker, who joined AGY in 2005, previously served as vice president of sales and marketing and as president.

JEC Europe 2013 new product showcase
A review of new products introduced at the JEC Europe 2013 exhibition.

2013 JEC Europe new product showcase
The JEC Europe 2013 trade show (March 12-14, at the Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles, Paris, France) was the venue for introductions of a large number of new composite materials, technologies and manufacturing processes. Here's the HPC editorial staff's compilation of what was on display.

Product Categories of AGY Holding Corp.

  • Fibers, inorganic
    • E-Glass
    • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type)
  • Reinforcements, unimpregnated
    • Aramid
      • Aramid, Chopped strand
      • Aramid, Roving, multi-end
      • Aramid, Roving, single-end direct
      • Aramid, Yarns
      • Aramid, Other
    • Aramid/glass hybrid
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Chopped strand
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Roving, multi-end
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Roving, single-end direct
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Yarns
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Other
    • C-glass
      • C-glass, Chopped strand
      • C-glass, Roving, multi-end
      • C-glass, Roving, single-end direct
      • C-glass, Yarns
      • C-glass, Other
    • Carbon
      • Carbon, Chopped strand
      • Carbon, Roving, multi-end
      • Carbon, Roving, single-end direct
      • Carbon, Yarns
      • Carbon, Other
    • Carbon/aramid hybrid
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Chopped strand
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Roving, multi-end
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Roving, single-end direct
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Yarns
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Other
    • Carbon/glass hybrid
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Chopped strand
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Roving, multi-end
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Roving, single-end direct
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Yarns
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Other
    • Ceramic
      • Ceramic, Chopped strand
      • Ceramic, Roving, multi-end
      • Ceramic, Roving, single-end direct
      • Ceramic, Yarns
      • Ceramic, Other
    • E-Glass
      • E-Glass, Chopped strand
      • E-Glass, Roving, multi-end
      • E-Glass, Roving, single-end direct
      • E-Glass, Yarns
      • E-Glass, Other
    • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type)
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Chopped strand
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Roving, multi-end
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Roving, single-end direct
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Yarns
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Other
    • Other unimpregnated reinforcement forms
      • Other, Chopped strand
      • Other, Roving, multi-end
      • Other, Roving, single-end direct
      • Other, Yarns
      • Other, Other