Adwest Technologies Inc.

RETOX Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) and VOC Concentrators for cost-effective VOC control in composites, fiberglass, carbon fiber, gel coating, resin, polymer, phenolic and plastics processes. Turnkey duct, installation and VOC-capture systems, plus rotary concentrator systems for VOC abatement.

4222 E La Palma Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92807 US

Additional Locations:
East Coast Sales Office
Belmont, NY 14813 US

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CAMX 2016 preview: Adwest Technologies Inc.
Adwest Technologies Inc. (Anaheim, California) is featuring its line of regenerative thermal oxidizers for control of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Product Categories of Adwest Technologies Inc.

Primary manufacturing equipment
  • Spray booths
Auxiliary processing equipment, repair equipment, and supplies
  • Auxiliary processing equipment
    • Dust-recovery/odor/ventilation equipment
    • Emission control devices
    • Solvent recovery equipment
    • Spray booths
Fiber converting/prepreg manufacturing equipment
  • Ovens, oxidation
Design, testing, consulting, other services
  • Air pollution testing
  • Consulting
    • Consulting, environmental
  • Testing
    • Testing, environmental