Advanced Technologies Inc.

875 City Center Blvd.
Newport News , VA 23606 US


Product Categories of Advanced Technologies Inc.

Adhesive bonding
Aerospace, flight control surfaces
Aerospace, fuselage/wing
Aerospace, radomes
CAD/CAM/CAE design
Coating and painting
Composite, carbon fiber/epoxy
Composite, fiberglass
Composite, prepreg
Compression molding
Cutting, finishing, and machining
Finite element modeling/analysis (FEM/FEA)
Graphite, monolithic
Hand layup
Honeycomb structures
Inspection services
Laminate panels, with core
Mandrels, aluminum
Mandrels, inflatable
Mandrels, steel
Metal bonding
Metal, aluminum
Metal, steel
Moldmaking and patternmaking
Product design
Repair services, composites
Resin transfer molding (RTM)
RTM/resin infusion
Surface treatment
Testing, structural
Vacuum forming
Vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM)