Provides materials testing systems for tension, compression, torsion and dynamic fatigue testing applications. Offers a full range of new materials testing systems and retrofit and upgrade services for all makes and models of mechanical testing machines.

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ADMET sponsors a contest to recognize milestone
To celebrate its 25th anniversary, ADMET will donate a mechanical testing machine to a lucky school.

Calibration for testing systems
ADMET has made available calibration and maintenance contracts for new and retrofitted Universal Testing Systems.

Handheld universal tester
ADMET introduces the Micro EP line of palm-sized universal testing machines.

Low-force, high-speed tabletop testing system
ADMET's DForce tabletop system allows materials and structures testing in horizontal or vertical orientation.

Materials testing system
ADMET Inc.'s (Norwood, Mass.) new-generation materials testing system, MTESTQuattro, replaces the company's MTESTWindows system. The new system offers monotonic, cyclic and segmented testing profiles and, in addition to tension and compression tests, performs tests and reports data for creep, fatigue, friction, f

Low-force testing machine
ADMET's latest tester is capable of generating force-displacement curves in tension, compression or flexure.

Tabletop universal testing machine
ADMET Inc. (Norwood, Mass.) has introduced expert 5607, a low-force, high-speed, tabletop universal testing machine for compression, tensile and cyclic testing up to 1000g (35.27 oz) maximum force. The device features crosshead speeds of up to 350 in/min (8.9 m/min) and offers measurement of low-force tests plus

Small testing machines
ADMET Inc. (Norwood, Mass.) has developed the Micro EP line of palm-sized universal testing machines. These small test stages are designed to determine the mechanical properties of miniature specimens in tension, compression or flexure. Each stage can be used as a standalone tester or installed in an optical or atomic

Tabletop Testing Machine
ADMET Inc. (Norwood, Mass.) has introduced an extension to its eXpert 560x line of tabletop universal testing machines called the eXpert 5605. The new machine features dual columns and a load capacity of up to 10kN (2,250 lbf). It features a top-acting detachable actuator that can be used for wet specimen testing. The

Testing Machine

Testing machine
ADMET Inc. (Norwood, Mass.) has introduced the ADMET nmTester, a testing machine for measuring the mechanical properties of micro-sized specimens. It is equipped with a needle-type probe that is capable of indenting, scratching, pushing, pulling and bending in specific locations. It measures forces of less than 10 mN

Universal testing machine

Universal testing machine
ADMET (Norwood, Mass.) has introduced two new testing models, based on its single-column eXpert 450x tabletop universal testing machine, which features a unique top-mounted, detachable actuator. The first is an actuator/controller-only configuration (no load frame) and the second is a two-column version for use with

Test frame adapter

Test frame adapter
An off-center loading option is now available for ADMET Inc.'s (Norwood, Mass.) ExPress line of servo-hydraulic universal testing machines, enabling moment or torsion testing on a machine designed for tension and compression testing. Available in capacities that range from 50KN/11,250 lb to 6000KN/135,000 lb, machines

Torsion testing system
ADMET Inc. (Norwood, Mass., U.S.A.) has introduced MTWIST, a torsion testing system for failure, proof and product testing, and for combined axial-torsion testing. This third-generation system consists of a 32-bit Windows application program and an easy-to-install machine interface box that reportedly provides the

Materials testing software
ADMET Inc. (Norwood, Mass., U.S.A.) announces MTESTWindows materials testing software for tension and compression testing and reporting. The 32-bit Windows application program provides closed-loop control of electrohydraulic and electromechanical test frames and calculates key test parameters, such as ultimate tensile

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Testing, gauging, monitoring, analytical equipment and software
  • Fatigue-testing equipment
  • Flexural testers
  • Mechanical test fixtures
  • Modulus testers
  • Tack monitoring equipment
  • Tensile testers
  • Universal test frames