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Designing SHM systems
SHM systems must be designed properly, including self-diagnostic ability to ensure they function as designed.

Structural health monitoring: NDT-integrated aerostructures
SHM moves from structural testing to an FAA-qualified inspection alternative, to reduce cost, streamline operations and mature toward lighter, more robust smart structures

Structural health monitoring: Decades of demos build confidence
Current momentum in local structural health monitoring development can be credited to a great deal of developmental effort on the part of these system developers.

"Softwall" Jet Engine Fan Containment Case Prototype

Structural health monitoring: Composites get smart
 New initiatives are mainstreaming real-time monitoring systems into composites on aircraft, wind blades and other critical performance structures.

Self-healing Composite Prototyped for NASA
At the recent SAMPE Conference and Exhibition (see “Related Content,” at left) Cornerstone Research Group’s (CRG, Dayton, Ohio) Reflexive composites were touted as a composite system that, according to CRG’s research and development engineer Thomas Margraf and chief engineer Ernie Havens, can detect and heal damage in

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