Reichhold LLC2

Leading supplier of unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins for composites. Products sold under the ADVALITE, POLYLITE, NORPOL, ENVIROLITE, HYDREX and DION trademarked brand names. Manufacturing facilities are in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

PO Box 13582
Research Triangle Park, NC 27703 US

Additional Locations:
Avenida Amazonas, 1100
Mogi das Cruzes, Sao Paulo, 08744-340 BR
+55 11 4795 8000

Blvd. Arturo Montiel Rojas 10006 Parque Industrial Atlacomulco
Atlacomulco, 50458 MX
+52 712 122 9525

Klinestadmoen 9
Sandefjord, NO-3241 NO
+47 334 4860 0

Room C, Fl. 5, Bldg. 2, No.99, Kechuang 14 St.
Beijing, 100176 CN
+86 10 5975 5318

Veleslavínova 3
Usti Nad Labem, CZ-400 11 CZ
+42 047 270 7710


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Distribution will be handled by L.V. Lomas, IMCD US, TCR Industries, Nexeo Solutions and Brenntag.

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SMC: Old dog, more tricks
In the sheet molding compound renaissance, the advent of new resins and compounds are broadening the definition and application of this versatile family of composites.

Polynt, Reichhold complete merger
The new Polynt-Reichhold is a global company in the intermediates, coating and composite resins, thermoset compounds, gel-coats and niche specialties.

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High spots from SAMPE Europe’s Summit 17.

Ashland to buy Reichhold’s composites resin plant in France
The facility, which employs about 50 people, manufactures unsaturated polyester resins (UPR) used in a variety of end markets, including transportation and construction.

 Laura Littlejohn, a scientist at Ashland LLC

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A sheet molding compound renaissance highlights new reinforcements, new fillers, new matrices, new opportunities.

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The 3rd annual joint ACMA/SAMPE-sponsored trade event comes to Anaheim with an exhibition and conference program attractive to professionals across the composites world.

Pending Reichhold-Polynt marriage means change for resins segment
The 50:50 merger of Reichhold and Polynt, which is expected to be done by the end of the year, marks substantial consolidation in the composites supply chain.

Reichhold, Polynt to merge
The group will become a global specialty chemicals player with significant presence both in North America and Europe. 

EPTA’s World Pultrusion Conference spotlights innovation
The European Pultrusion Technology Assn. (EPTA) held its bi-annual World Pultrusion Conference, March 3-4, in Prague, Czech Republic.

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carbon fiber, prepreg, epoxy prepreg, composites

The matrix
The matrix binds the fiber reinforcement, gives the composite component its shape and determines its surface quality. A composite matrix may be a polymer, ceramic, metal or carbon. Here’s a guide to selection.

LM Wind Power names Reichhold its ‘most innovative supplier’
The award was presented to Reichhold due to its achievement of delivering new innovations that will support LM Wind Power’s future growth.

Bioresins: Not a tsunami, but more like a rising tide
This excerpt from an upcoming article in CW magazine shows that a lot of investigation is happening, and some promising applications are developing.

CAMX 2015 preview: Reichhold
Reichhold (Durham, NC, US) will launch its new ADVALITE vinyl hybrid resins, available in styrene-free liquid and monomer-free hot melt prepreg versions.

VOC-free resins for pultrusion, winding, infusion, and wet layup
A new line of Advalite vinyl hybrid liquid resins from Reichhold Inc. (Durham, NC, US) are low-viscosity products designed for high-performance structural applications, including those in the automotive and wind energy sectors.

Vinyl hybrid liquid resins
A new line of Advalite vinyl hybrid liquid resins from Reichhold are aimed at high-performance applications.

The matrix (2015)
The matrix binds the fiber reinforcement, gives the composite component its shape and determines its surface quality. A composite matrix may be a polymer, ceramic, metal or carbon. Here's a guide to selection.

Product Categories of Reichhold LLC2

  • Matrix resins, thermoset
    • UV-curable
    • Urethane
    • Vinyl ester
    • Other thermosets
    • Unsaturated polyester
      • Unsaturated polyester, bisphenol A fumerate
      • Unsaturated polyester, DCPD-modified
      • Unsaturated polyester, fire-retardant
      • Unsaturated polyester, isophthalic
      • Unsaturated polyester, low-VOC/no VOC
      • Unsaturated polyester, orthophthalic
      • Unsaturated polyester, terephthalic
  • Gel coats
    • Chemical-/corrosion-resistant
    • Fire-retardant
    • General-purpose
    • Marine
    • UV-curable
    • Other gel coats
  • Casting resins
    • Acrylic
    • Unsaturated polyester