Quantum Technologies Worldwide Inc.

Hydrogen and alternative fuel technologies: Developing innovations in hydrogen storage and packaged fuel cell systems, working in concert with automotive manufacturers to revolutionize the transportation industry.

17872 Cartwright Rd.
Irvine, CA 92614 US


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 Laura Littlejohn, a scientist at Ashland LLC

SMC: Old dog, new tricks
A sheet molding compound renaissance highlights new reinforcements, new fillers, new matrices, new opportunities.

Clear Carbon & Components: Bristol, RI, US
Breaking barriers in process and complexity, this agile manufacturer is gaining renown as a composites problem solver and champion of Class A cosmetic surfaces.

Pressure vessels for alternative fuels, 2014-2023
Lower fuel costs and escalating emissions standards are driving a 10 percent annual growth in alternative fuel pressure vessel sales.

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Composites fuel growth of fuel cell technology
Composite components in hydrogen fuel cell systems help handle higher heat and reduce stack size.

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