Provides the award-winning continuous-strand carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiberglass 3D Printer, capable of creating robust parts with a higher strength-to-weight than 6061 aluminum.

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CAMX to host Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Composites
Co-located with CAMX, the event explores the connection between AM and continuous fiber reinforcement.

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Markforged launches first FR continuous fiber-reinforced plastic for 3D printing
V-0 rated Onyx FR to open new applications in aerospace, defense and automotive

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Markforged to build European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland
The Dublin headquarters is expected to hire 100 new employees and serve as phase one for the 3D printer manufacturer’s global growth initiative.

Markforged additive manufacturing 3D printed fixture using continuous carbon fiber filament and ONYX chopped carbon fiber nylon thermoplastic

Markforged raises $82 million to expand product line
The continuous fiber composite 3D printing pioneer will use capital to accelerate mass production printers, global expansion and new materials, such as FR aerocomposites.

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Moving continuous-fiber 3D printing into production
With patents proliferating and production applications emerging, 3D printing with continuous fiber reinforcement is poised for significant market growth.

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3D printing is missing the third dimension
Emerging processes like continuous fiber manufacturing, in-situ consolidation and tool-less manufacturing are bringing composite 3D printing into the third dimension.

Continuous Composites CF3D continuous fiber 3D printing

3D printing composites with continuous fiber
New composite manufacturing technology for multimaterial, multifunctional composite structures.

New 3D printers from Markforged.

Markforged introduces X3 and X5 for replacing aluminum with CFRP
New X3 and X5 models allow users to replace aluminum parts with carbon fiber parts.

Need for standardization in composites manufacturing
CW Talks is “on” and already proving to be well worth a listen. 

CW Talks talks to Greg Mark of Markforged
The founder and CEO of 3D printing specialist Markforged sits down with CW Talks to discuss his company's technology and how he thinks it can help expand the composites universe.

Episode 5: Greg Mark, Markforged
Greg Mark, founder and CEO of Markforged, discusses his journey of working with composites in additive manufacturing.

Piaggio Fast Forward

Composites in transit: Rolling robotic “stuff carrier” the new must-have
PPF’s Gita can move at a human walking pace or can accelerate up to 35 kph, fast enough to keep pace with a runner.

Additive manufacturing and composites: An update
Additive manufacturing has only begun to tap the potential available in the composite industry.

Methods 3D Markforged additive manufacturing

Markforged, Methods 3D establish 3D printing partnership
Methods 3D will provide sales, service and support for the Markforged line of 3D printers.

Additive manufacturing comes to composites fabrication
The use of continuous fiber in additive manufacturing systems is not trivial, but it is being done. As this fabrication technology evolves and matures, options for applying it in everything from automotive to aerospace to consumer composites will expand tremendously, creating a host of new opportunities for the composites industry. Read here for who is providing what kind of additive manufacturing technology for use in composites fabrication.

CAMX 2015 preview: MarkForged
MarkForged (Cambridge, MA, US) will return to CAMX with the Mark One Composite 3D Printer and an assortment of ultra-strong fiber-reinforced 3D-printed parts and applications.

MarkForged releases test data on CFF materials
Carbon fiber continuous filament fabrication materials for 3D printed composites are actually 30 times stronger and stiffer than unreinforced ABS.

CREAT3D to sell Mark One Composite 3D printer
The company will serve as the UK supplier of MarkForged products.

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3D Printing: Niche or next step to manufacturing on demand?
With and without fiber reinforcement, additive manufacturing is making an impact, but to what end?

NovaCopy to sell Mark One 3D printer
US-based NovaCopy has been named a flagship reseller of MarkForged's Mark One composite 3D printer.

MarkForged unveils new cloud-based software and embedded inserts
World's first 3D printer using continuous fiber reinforcement now enables easily embedded inserts with cloud-based notification of when to pause print and place.

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