Hall Composites

An ISO 9001:2008-registered company that specializes in high-quality composite laminates for the aerospace, defense and marine industries: 151-ft autoclave, 350°F, 100-psi, prepreg, infusion, press molding. Engineering design and anaylsis.

33 Broadcommon Rd.
Bristol, RI 02809 US

Additional Locations:
Deltahoek 42
4511 PA Breskens, NL
+31 117 381397

100 Foundry Rd.
Silverdale, Auckland, 0932 NZ
+64 9 4275472

Hall Inc.


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Hall Composites (Bristol, Rhode Island) is emphasizing its aerospace composites manufacturing services.

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Product Categories of Hall Composites

Composite Structures & Components
  • Aerospace, aircraft interior
  • Aerospace, fuselage/wing
  • Aerospace, radomes
  • Infrastructure, composite
  • Laminate panels, with core
  • Laminate sheets, solid
  • Marine, boat (hulls, decks, bulkheads, etc.)
  • Marine, other
  • Pressure vessels
  • Tubes
  • Other composite structures