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As Seen In CompositesWorld

Why are suppliers morphing into fabricators?
CT managing editor Mike Musselman asks the question and examines the forces at work to make it a compelling trend. Part I of II.

Semipermeables: Next trend in infusion?
These liquid-blocking membranes promise molders better properties, less waste and reduced risk.

IBEX 2013 Show Review
Evidence of a marine industry rebound and a trend toward supplier M&A as the world’s largest boatbuilding trade show looks ahead to smoother sailing … and Tampa.

Aiming infusion at the application
With so many process variables to play with, how do you know which new solutions that promise better, faster infusion are right for your application?

Heavy-duty infusion: Scaling up for scrubbers
Infused 3-D woven fabric preforms best steel in beams and unitized deck structures built for the caustic confines of massive flue gas desulfurization systems.

Composites education: Improvement through collaboration
The American Composites Manufacturers Assn.'s (Arlington, Va.) chief staff executive Tom Dobbins contends that composites education will advance more quickly if the industry moves toward consistent, standardized curricula for basic and advanced training.

IBEX 2010 Highlights
The world’s largest watercraft construction exhibition navigates new waters to its first inland rendezvous.

Composites 2010 Product Showcase
The ACMA’s Las Vegas exhibition reflected an industry in recovery.

Step 5 - ready for cure

New infusion regime for superthick laminates
 Innovative initiator chemistry yields long flow time, cure on demand and exotherm control for large, thick parts.

SAMPE Tech Wichita Exhibit Area

Wichita welcomes SAMPE Tech
 The Society’s Fall Conference flourishes in one of the epicenters of U.S. aerospace activity.

Lou Dorworth mug shot

The future of composites education
Experts weigh in on the weighty problems this industry faces as it confronts a serious shortage of trained personnel.

Patrol Boat: Step 3

Composites take the hit in U.S. Navy patrol boat
 New carbon/Kevlar composite hull and deck provide impact-absorbing solution to crew injury problems caused by severe vertical acceleration of previous high-speed, all-metal patrol boat.

To meet the critical need for knowledgeable composites engineers and technicians, public/private partnerships are molding new applications-driven and transportable educational models.

Colbond's EnkaFusion Type CX-1000 flow medium replaces traditional spiral wrap as the major resin feed line in an infusion process.

Cutting Infusion Time And Cost
When open molders turn to infusion, careful planning, material selection and training precede process efficiency.

Cavileer 44 hull design

The Basics Of Boat Design
Naval architects reveal design, tooling and material selection guidelines for a new sportfishing powerboat.

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