Core Molding Technologies

A diversified manufacturer of organic polymer and polymer composite products with a focus on serving original equipment manufacturers' demanding product needs. The company delivers solutions for challenging applications where material performance is critical.

800 Manor Park Dr.
Columbus, OH 43228 US


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Great Dane

The long view for composites in long-haul trucks
Composite components on heavy trucks and trailers continue to grow, both in volume and in kind, but they won’t be carrying structural loads until the mid-2020s.

3M glass bubbles

3M glass bubbles enable sheet molded composites for auto industry
By replacing conventional fillers, these hollow glass microspheres can reduce the weight of molded parts without sacrificing strength or aesthetics. 

Core Molding acquires HPI
Core Molding Technologies, a compounder of custom sheet molding compound and molder of fiberglass-reinforced plastics, has acquired substantially all of the assets of Canada-based Horizon Plastics International Inc.

Do we need a new definition for SMC?
Side story to SMC: Old dog, more tricks.

SMC in transportation

SMC: Old dog, more tricks
In the sheet molding compound renaissance, the advent of new resins and compounds are broadening the definition and application of this versatile family of composites.

The story planning journey
Automotive materials and process innovation in the driver’s seat.

SMC: Old dog, new tricks
A sheet molding compound renaissance highlights new reinforcements, new fillers, new matrices, new opportunities.

Composites in Class A body panels: Evolution continues
Low-density SMCs lead the way as fiber-reinforced polymers make headway in auto components that must please the eye.

Core rolls out ultralow-density SMC
Core Molding Technologies has announced Hydrilite SMC, a sheet molding compound with a nominal density of 0.98 specific gravity, mid-range mechanical performance and high-quality surface appearance.

Small companies, long-term impact
In a time known for owner “exit strategies,” longevity in family-owned composites businesses is heartening.

Core Molding Technologies acquires LFT specialist CPI Binani
Compounder and molder Core Molding Technologies is paying $15 million for Minnesota-based CPI Binani, which manufactures direct long-fiber thermoplastic (D-LFT) products.

Core Molding Technologies enters new supply deal with Navistar
Truck manufacturer Navistar will continue to purchase its original equipment and service requirements for fiberglass-reinforced products from Core Molding Technologies through October 2018.

Core Molding Technologies named supplier of the year by Yamaha Motor
Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corp. of America rewards Core Molding Technologies for finishing 2013 with zero product defects, no customer complaints and 100 percent on-time delivery.

Core Molding Technologies reach 2 million truck hood mark
Core Molding Technologies, a North American compounder of SMC and molder of FRP parts, produces hood assemblies for the medium-duty and heavy-duty truck industry.

Core Molding Technologies nets auto composites contract with Volvo North America
The Columbus, Ohio-based SMC compounder and molder expects to realize up to $30 million in revenue annually, producing heavy-truck hoods, roofs and other molded parts.

Core Molding launches new business, facility in Kentucky
Core Molding Technologies' new facility in Warsaw, Ky., will focus on production of large-format parts using a customized fiberglass hand lamination process.

Low-density sheet molding compound
Core Molding Technologies Inc. has developed a low-density SMC with high surface quality and improved economics over previous low-density materials offered by the company.

Chart Resin

Resin systems update: The greening of thermosets
 Thermoset resin formulators seek environmental benefits as customers demand reduced cost and increased performance.

James Colgrove

2008 SPE Automotive Composites Conference and Exhibition
The annual gathering of automotive composites experts revealed significant effort to make composites more affordable and efficient and mold cycle times faster. 

Product Categories of Core Molding Technologies

Fabricating services
  • Other fabricating services
  • Thermoset materials
    • Compression molding
    • Custom compounding and blending
    • Hand layup
    • Moldmaking and patternmaking
    • Reaction injection molding (RIM)
    • Resin transfer molding (RTM)
    • Sprayup
    • Vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM)