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Welding thermoplastic composites

Published on 9/1/2018

Multiple methods advance toward faster robotic welds using new technology for increased volumes and larger aerostructures.


Using mobile susceptors to innovate thermoplastic induction welding

Published on 2/25/2020

IS Groupe and Arkema patent ISW for high-strength UD welds, temperature control and 50% less energy.


New horizons in welding thermoplastic composites

Published on 9/1/2018

Latest developments in qualification, production and applications for aerospace and automotive.


Welded thermoplastic composite keel beam demonstrator achieved

Published on 4/16/2020

EURECAT and partner companies complete Clean Sky 2 KEELBEMAN project, demonstrating TRL3 primary structure technology for future aircraft.


Thermoplastic composites: Poised to step forward

Published on 5/29/2019

The evolving role of thermoplastic materials and processes and their future in next-generation commercial aircraft.


Thermoplastic Wind Blades: To be or not?

Published on 3/31/2012

Will future wind blades incorporate thermoplastic composites? It depends on whom you ask.


Proving out LM PAEK welding for Multifunctional Fuselage Demonstrator

Published on 2/27/2020

Clean Sky 2 STUNNING project will manufacture lower thermoplastic fuselage while MECATESTERS will test Toray LM PAEK in conduction and induction welding for parameters, cyclic loading, aging and environmental effects .


Thermoplastic composites in aerospace – the future looks bright

Published on 7/1/2018

The real impediment to use of thermoplastic composites in critical control surfaces is an education gap.


ITHEC 2020 finalizes technical program

Published on 4/28/2020

Agenda includes emerging technologies, welding, a panel discussion and the new Advanced Thermoplastic Composite 3D Printing Forum.


High-speed, high-rate thermoplastic composites manufacturing

Published on 8/2/2019

A novel process from SABIC and Airborne promises high-speed, high-rate production of thermoplastic composite laminates for mainstream manufacturing and a variety of applications.

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