JEC World 2019 preview: Web Industries


Web Industries Inc.’s Aerospace division (Marlborough, Mass., U.S., 5/L6) is featuring its capabilities in the formatting of flexible thermoplastic composite materials for next-generation aerospace applications.

JEC World 2019 preview: Solvay


Solvay Composite Materials (Alpharetta, Ga., U.S., 5/L42) is featuring technologies and product forms designed to reduce cycle times, increase structural integration and enable use of automated fabrication processes.

JEC World 2019 preview: Roth Composite Machinery


Roth Composite Machinery (Steffenberg, Germany, 5/D39) is featuring its competences in filament winding, prepreg and organic sheet production. 

JEC World 2019 preview: Hexcel


Hexcel (Stamford, Conn., U.S.) is featuring range of composite innovations for customer applications in aerospace, automotive, energy and marine markets.

JEC World 2019 preview: Michelman


Michelman (Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.) is introducing its family of Unyte surface modifiers formulated specifically for manufacturers of technical textiles and prepreg fabrics.

JEC World 2019 preview: Cobra


Cobra International will present its expanded capacity and increased capabilities for large composite components for multiple industries at JEC World 2019.

JEC World 2019 preview: Engel


At JEC World 2019, Engel Austria is presenting its technologies for organomelt processing, in-situ polymerization, HP-RTM and flow molding with SMC.

Roth Composite Machinery laboratory line produces minimal surface weight prepregs


Possible trials can be conducted with thermoplastic matrix materials but also with duromers with layings or fabrics of all kinds of fiber systems such as carbon, glass or aramid.

L&L Special Furnace Co. unveils retort furnace for de-bindering ceramic composites


The company is customizing a large retort box furnace for de-bindering ceramic matrix composite (CMC) prepreg materials.

Kordsa fast-cure prepreg targets automotive mass production


Kordsa’s fast press curable resin boasts an enhanced visual quality, enabling the possibility of prepreg use in automotive mass production.