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PUBLISHED: 7/31/2017

Autoscale composite CNC machines

Autoscale CNC LLC (Santa Clara, CA, US) recently introduced its Monster cgr-series of cost-effective CNC cutters/routers, fabricated from carbon fiber composites and steel, for large part processing of composites, foams, clay and lightweight metals....

PUBLISHED: 11/27/2016

Model-based waterjet software

Flow International Corp. (Kent, Washington), a developer and manufacturer of ultrahigh-pressure waterjet machines for cutting applications, has announced FlowXpert 2016 waterjet machining software.

PUBLISHED: 8/23/2016

Waterjet system with up to four cutting heads

Jet Edge Inc. (St. Michael, MN, US) has debuted its latest generation of Mid Rail Gantry waterjet systems, capable of operating up to four abrasive jet or water-only waterjet cutting heads for increased productivity.

PUBLISHED: 8/23/2016

Robotics system

Fives Liné Machines Inc. (Granby, QC, Canada) has launched Liné Machines Robotics to provide cost-effective and flexible robotics solutions for the aerospace and other industries.

PUBLISHED: 5/17/2016

Remote machinery diagnostics

Fives Machining Systems (Fond du Lac, WI, US) has introduced a new remote diagnostics capability that allows machine operators to connect with Fives Cincinnati and Fives Giddings & Lewis experts via secure CNC screen sharing to diagnose and overcome...

PUBLISHED: 11/18/2015

Abrasive machining materials

IKONICS Advanced Material Solutions (Duluth, MN, US) showed its capabilities in precision abrasive machining for composites, using aluminum oxide grit to produce complex holes or features in parts.

PUBLISHED: 11/18/2015

Drill and sanding shrouds

Clayton Assoc. Inc. (Lakewood, NJ, US) featured its new Clear Revolution line of drill and sanding shrouds, made from clear polycarbonate material and designed to capture 100% of produced dust, chips and particles.

PUBLISHED: 11/18/2015

Carbon fiber/PEEK billet

Thermoplastic specialist Impact Composites (Erlanger, KY, US) showed a new molded woven carbon/polyetheretherketone (PEEK) solid billet, intended to be machined to net shape for complex, three-dimensional parts.

PUBLISHED: 5/28/2015

Cutting, routing tools; mold sealers

Distributor Technology Marketing Inc. (TMI, Salt Lake City, UT, US) offered at SAMPE 2015 several new products for composites fabricators.

PUBLISHED: 3/25/2015

Universal holding fixture for fast automatic positioning

CMS Industries patented its 5-axis holding fixture with pan and tilt pogos that can automatically position large parts or tools.

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