Wet filament winding


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A collaborative R&D project between The University of Birmingham’s School of Metallurgy and Materials and a U.K. consortium of companies has successfully developed a new environmentally friendly “clean” filament winding technology for the production of high-performance composites. The technology will be showcased on the Pultrex stand at JEC Europe 2013. The new wet-filament winding technology is said to offer a clean and efficient method of production. Design components in this new wet-filament winding technology include a custom-built modular fiber bundle spreading station and a mixed-resin fiber impregnation unit, which together provide effective fiber wetting. Waste and solvent usage is also said to be significantly reduced compared with traditional wet bath filament winding production; up to 80 percent less cleaning solvent consumption has been achieved, along with an equivalent reduction of mixed resin waste. A variety of thermosets, including faster curing resins, have been successfully trialled with this new clean filament winding technology, which can be retrofitted and adapted for other manufacturing processes, such as pre-pregging and pultrusion.