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UV-curable glass fiber prepregs

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Australian Composites Pty. Ltd. has introduced Auspreg 986T, a range of UV-curing, flame resistant prepreg fiberglass materials.


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Australian Composites Pty. Ltd. (Moorabbin, Australia) has introduced Auspreg 986T, a range of UV-curable, flame-resistant fiberglass prepregs. The materials reportedly achieved the highest possible fire ratings for building materials and structures, based on independent testing to BS 476 Parts 6 (Class 0) & Parts 7 (index 1) by Bodycote Warringtonfire (U.K.), and are, therefore, suitable for interior parts in mass-transit vehicles that must be designed to resist lateral flame spread and propagation of flame when in contact with radiant heat or actual fire. The prepregs require no refrigeration and remain usable at room temperature for more than 12 months. Further, the prepregs reportedly cure in a matter of minutes per layer, using artificial or natural sunlight, and can be cured in multiple layers in a one-step process for thicker or stronger parts. The material is available in most glass types (E, C and S), various fiberglass weaves (uni, biaxial, CSM, triaxial and others) and in finished weights ranging from 300 g/m² to 3500 g/m².


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