Urethane hybrid pultrusion resin

Reichhold's new urethane hybrid resin, DION 31040-00, is designed for pultrusion applications.

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Reichhold Inc. (Research Triangle Park, N.C.) has introduced a new urethane hybrid resin, DION 31040-00, for pultrusion applications. Compatible with nanoclays and carbon fiber materials, the resin offers low viscosity, medium to high reactivity, good impact strength and toughness, and good short-beam shear properties when compared to conventional polyester and vinyl ester resins. It is said to feature the flexibility and toughness of polyurethanes, the high strength, stiffness and temperature-resistance of polyesters and better impact resistance than vinyl esters. Applications include window lineals, ladder rails, tool handles, waterfront structures, structural shapes, utility pole cross-arms and utility poles.