Ultrasonic flaw detectors

Sontatest introduces new Sitescan D Series ultrasonic flaw detectors.

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Sonatest Ltd. (Milton Keynes, U.K.) has launched the new Sitescan D Series flaw detectors. They feature a new menu navigation scroll wheel that provides fast and easy access to functions and enables single-handed menu changes. The keypad is further enhanced for the user with new Direct Access Keys, allowing immediate access to essential parameters in the field such as Gate Control or Adjustment; and User Buttons that can be assigned to the operator’s preferred menu items or actions. Other features include an integrated adjustable pipe stand that enables easy positioning and the ability to be attached to pipe work, metal plates or hung from other fixtures, leaving the operator with both hands free for scanning. The Sitescan D-10 uses a broadband amplifier compatible with a wide range of transducers; the D-20 model uses several narrow bands for improved performance. The broadband amplifier shows all detail required to identify defect types such as holes or cracks, and features sufficient resolution for identifying small signals. Typical applications are weld inspection, corrosion testing, small castings, forgings and delamination checking.