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3/30/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

Two new composites books to be published this spring and summer

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"Successful Composites Technology Transfer" will be published by SME in May; "The Economics of Composites" will be published by SAE International in July.


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Two new composites-related books are scheduled for publication this spring and summer:

  • "Successful Composites Technology Transfer" will be published by The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) in May.
  • "The Economics of Composites" will released/published by SAE International in July.

"Successful Composites Technology Transfer," by George Bullen, describes the innovative technologies and processes derived from the highly successful Max Launch Abort System (MLAS) program. It also describes the impact that these technologies and processes will have on other manufactured products. The book asserts that the systematic ability to migrate and extend the MLAS manufacturing technologies and processes (MLAS-MTP) to other products would take minimal effort. Several examples of extensible MLAS-MTP are rapid prototyping, extensive digital thread, forensic engineering analysis, out-of-autoclave cure (OOA), and low-cost VARTM processes, and rapid precision assembly. Each chapter provides linkage and a roadmap to transfer the specific MLAS-MTP described to a list of extensible products.

"The Economics of Composites," also by Bullen, addresses the economics of composites and its impact on manufacturing processes and the products where it is used. It also addresses the enabling technologies and processes that will facilitate the rapid expansion of composites into high-rate production products within and outside the aerospace market segment. The book contains descriptions of the key economic contributors to material cost, manufacturing processes, health and safety and environmental challenges including innovative solutions that have been identified to mitigate the economic barriers for use of composite materials to replace metals in a wide variety of industries and products. The content was motivated by the highly successful Economics of Composite Symposiums held by SAE International worldwide.

Book pre-order information will be available soon.