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T&T Eco launches environmentally friendly degreasers and bio-based solvents

Degreaser and solvents are natural, high-performance solutions that can be used for cleaning, absorption and preparation of surfaces.


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T&T Eco degreasers and oil spill remediation products

Photo Credit: T&T Eco

T&T Eco (London, U.K.) is now offering a range of high-performance and environmentally friendly degreasers and oil-spill remediation products to the U.K. market, which include application uses in the composites industry.

The company’s Oil Spill Eater (OSE II), for example, is the only biological remediation product to be approved for use in U.K. waters and on land by the Marine Management Organisation. A biological enzyme, OSE ll is designed to absorb and completely break down hydrocarbons. It converts the waste into a natural food source (CO2 and water) for native bacteria found in the environment, and contain nutrients that attracts indigenous bacteria which rapidly colonize and grow in numbers, speeding up spill remediation. The company says OSE ll is claimed to be the world's most environmentally safe and cost-effective bioremediation product for the mitigation of hazardous waste, spills and contamination. 

ProCleanSorb and FloodSax are two additional new products in a larger range of oil spill containment products. ProCleanSorb is a natural absorbent product produced from peat using a patented process that is available in a loose, granulated form as well as formed within a porous geotextile material into a range of ready-to-deploy booms, mats and pads.

At a weight of 370 g, FloodSax is said to be a lightweight, highly absorbant alternative to a sandbag. Energizing within 3-5 minutes, T&T Eco reports that it will take up to 21 litres of water/liquid to form a clean, effective and stackable flood barrier. The design is compact and easy to carry, store and transport.

Other products included in the new portfolio include MAK Chem Speciality Degreasers for production line, workshop, factory floor and industrial applications, highly concentrated products which are said to be environmentally clean and practical —biodegradable, non-toxic and containing no measurable VOCs — without compromising performance. 

Completing the launch line up from T&T Eco is the Triple7 range of cleaning products which are completely solvent and chemical free. Triple7 BioConcentrate can be used effectively to rapidly, cleanly and efficiently remove a wide range of oil contamination and spills including mineral oils, crude oil, heavy oil, residual fuels, diesel, kerosene, central heating fuel, white spirits and a wide range of commercial, domestic and industrial lubricants.

T&T Eco’s high-performance, solvent-free solutions offer applications for composite manufacturing including:

  • Cleaning of molds
  • Cleaning rollers, tools, resin and chopper guns
  • Cleaning lamination and hand tools
  • Removing uncured resin (from guides, tools and machinery parts, etc.)
  • Flushing and cleaning gel coats from tools and equipment as well as resin lines
  • Preparation of surfaces (prior to bonding, painting, etc.)

The project lineup also applies to workplace safety, such as replacing harmful solvents and chemicals (acetone, xylene, MEK, thinners, etc.) and reduces health and safety hazards for employees, since application use requires minimal PPE.