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Thermoplastic tapes, semi-pregs

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Barrday Inc.

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Barrday Inc. (Millbury, Mass., USA) will showcase a range of thermoplastic materials tailored for the aerospace, military/defense, protective and energy markets, including unidirectional tapes, powder coated semi-pregs and pressed laminates. Barrday’s unidirectional aramid prepreg is designed for the soft and hard armor markets and uses a proprietary thermoplastic resin technology. This material consists of two or four layers of cross-plied unidirectional product. For soft armor applications, a thermoplastic film is laminated on the outer surfaces of the unidirectional plies for abrasion resistance. Barrday has extended this technology to unidirectional thermoplastic tapes targeting structural applications in the commercial aerospace, military/defense, and industrial markets. These products use carbon and high-performance glass reinforcements in PEEK, PEKK, PEI, PPS, and nylon matrices.