Thermoplastic composite consolidated sheets

DuPont Automotive (Wilmington, DE, US) has introduced Vizilon TPC, a line of continuous ­glass fiber, woven, reinforced consolidated sheets that can be stamped or thermoformed into various shapes.

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DuPont Automotive (Wilmington, DE, US) has introduced Vizilon TPC, a line of continuous ­glass fiber, woven, reinforced consolidated sheets that can be stamped or thermoformed into various shapes. The shaped part can be overmolded with additional resin for added stiffness and to allow for part integration. With strength and stiffness properties reportedly comparable—and in many cases superior—to most metals, DuPont says Vizilon TPC offers a viable replacement to metal parts in automotive body and structural components. Reported features and benefits of Vizilon TPC include significant weight reduction, superior strength and stiffness versus steel, excellent performance in crash applications, hermal expansion properties similar to steel, ompatibility in multimaterial construction, ignificantly less creep than short­ fiber-reinforced resins, good thermal aging properties, design versatility, and recyclability.