Teijin develops aramid nanofiber

Teijin's mass-producible aramid nanofiber offers reliable heat and oxidation resistance for use in lithium ion batteries.

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Teijin Techno Products Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan), a Teijin group company producing advanced aramid fibers, has developed what it says is the world's first mass-producible aramid nanofiber to offer reliable heat and oxidation resistance. Until now, says Teijin, aramid nanofibers have been produced only in laboratories, so this first commercially viable product represents a significant step forward in the evolution of this new material. Teijin's nanofiber, which is uniformly sized with a diameter of just several hundred nanometers, is based on Teijin's proprietary Teijinconex heat-resistant meta-aramid. It will be marketed in the form of nonwoven sheet for separators in lithium ion batteries (LIBs). Commercial production is targeted at 2014. The sheet maintains its shape up to 300°C/572°F and is highly resistant to oxidation. Other features include: high porosity that promotes smooth mobility of the electrolyte, resulting in higher output and faster charging; a large surface area that helps hold the electrolyte effectively to maintain battery performance at low temperatures when ion conductivity drops; it absorbs electrolytes more rapidly than conventional polyolefin-based separators, helping to shorten the time required to pour electrolyte into the battery, thereby reducing the production cost of large batteries.