Structural thermoplastics for aerospace

Greene, Tweed's Xycomp-based components are targeted toward metals replacement in aerospace applications.

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Greene, Tweed (Kulpsville, Pa.) has introduced a line of complex shapes molded from Xycomp thermoplastic composites that feature a projected weight reduction per component 30 percent on average vs. metal in aerospace applications. Components molded from this material reportedly are suitable for load-bearing applications and provide advantages over thermoset composites such as a broad temperature range, resistance to impact damage, superior FST (flame, smoke, toxicity) performance, resistance to aerospace chemicals and solvents (such as jet fuel, hydraulic fluids, deicing fluids, cleaners, grease and water) and resistance to microcracking due to high-frequency vibration or thermal cycling. Xycomp components have been designed to replace complex metallic fittings for mounting a variety of assemblies to airframes. A range of matrix materials are available including PEEK, PPS, PEI and PEKK, with carbon or glass reinforcement. Several product forms are available, including unidirectional tape, woven fabric and formulations for long-fiber molding.