Structural polymer foam core

DIAB adds three grades to its line of structural foam cores.

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DIAB (Laholm, Sweden) has added three grades to its line of structural polymer cores. Its Divinycell H grade now includes two new densities (H35 and H160), and its Divinycell HP grade has been augmented with one new density (HP160). Divinycell H160 and HP160 have a density of 160 kg/cu-m (10 lb/cu-ft) and are designed for larger boats that require a density of 130 to 200 kg/cu-m (8.1 to 12.5 lb/cu-ft) for use in hull bottoms. Both materials are said to offer good mechanical properties and excellent adhesion and peel strength with all marine resin systems. According to the company, Divinycell H35, with a nominal density of 38 kg/cu-m (2.37 lb/cu-ft) is the world’s most lightweight structural foam core, yet it reportedly has good strength and modulus properties, low water absorption and is resistant to attack from styrene and other solvents. It also features a small cell size to minimize resin usage and can be processed at up to 90°C/194°F with minimal dimensional changes.

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