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SphereCore SBC-IP bulker for LRTM and INFUSION

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Glass fiber bulker material touted as ideal for infused sandwich laminates.

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Carbon-Core Corp. (Keswick, VA, US) announces SphereCore SBC IP pre-compressed, stitch-bonded glass fiber material which is volumized through embedded thermoplastic microspheres. Manufactured by Spheretex GmbH (Hilden, Germany), SphereCore SBC IP is amended with an additional polypropylene core (flow medium) and is suitable for the production of stable and lightweight homogeneous laminates — suggested as an ideal material for sandwich laminates.This product is available in thicknesses of 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm and is combined with glass layers (fabric, textile or glass mats) on the outside. Resin impregnation takes place via the flow medium in the middle. Carbon-Core claims that fabricators currently using other bulker materials can achieve a  stronger  laminate  with up to 30%  resin savings with SphereCore SBC IP.

Carbon-Core Corp. has an exclusive agreement to represent the Spheretex product line in North America, also providing service, training and technical support for Spheretex North American customers.


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