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LMT Onsrud LP has introduced two new cutting tools for the cutting of composite materials.

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LMT Onsrud LP (Waukegan, IL, US) has introduced two new cutting tools for the cutting of composite materials. The first is a three-flute and four-flute cutting tool (54-200 series) designed to machine glass-reinforced composites. The 54-200 series has a flute form that allows a carving cut as opposed to the typical grinding approach. This positive geometry is said to allow for more shearing forces to occur. The combination of the optimal high rake (16°) and the clearance angles create a sharp cutting edge which shears the fibers and aids in the removal of heat from the cut. The secondary clearance, along with the open flute shape and a deep, polished flute design, helps evacuate the cut material. A heavier tool core stabilizes the tool, allowing for a chatter free finish in the application. The 54-200 series also features a Nanosphere coating that increases tool life, approximately 2 times longer than an uncoated tool. Tooling is available in either an upcut or downcut configuration and are designed to be equally adaptable to low and high spindle speed applications in any CNC machining environment.

The second product is the Progressive Chipbreaker (67-220 series), for good chip control and increased tool life. This tool features a polycrystalline diamond (PCD) cutting edge to support a range of feed rates and depth of cut combinations, while extending the life of the tool. The tool's Hi-Low asymmetrical chipbreaker profile helps reduce vibration and chatter caused by harmonic imbalance, resulting in improved surface finishes, while reducing noise levels and wear on the tool. The same pattern of the PCD is equally matched on the solid carbide body behind the PCD cutting edge, providing good support to the cutting edge and improved machining capability. These three-flute tools with a 3° up-shear are designed to promote efficient chip evacuation, while a staggered cutting edge pattern is engineered to generate very low cutting forces while reducing the temperature in the cutting area.


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