Soy-based resin for SMC, BMC, pultrusion

Reichhold joins the bio-resins market with Polylite 31325-00, a medium-reactive, low-viscosity unsaturated polyester resin.

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Reichhold (Research Triangle Park, N.C.) has joined the bio-resins market with the introduction of Polylite 31325-00, a non-promoted, medium-reactive, low-viscosity unsaturated polyester molding resin derived in part from renewable resources. The resin is based soy oil and has “green” content of 25 percent. The product is intended as a general purpose molding resin for sheet molding compound (SMC), bulk molding compound (BMC), and pultrusion processes. The resin reportedly yields laminates with mechanical properties and performance similar to general purpose SMC, BMC, and pultrusion resins. Suggested applications include window lineals, HVAC components, appliance components, agricultural Class A body panels, residential exterior door skins, structural shapes and components and electrical boxes.