Sizing, optimization software updated

Collier Research has released version 5.3 of its HyperSizer software.

Collier Research Corp. (Newport News, Va.) has released HyperSizer version 5.3, software used for structural sizing and optimization of composites parts and structures. New features include the ability analyze orthogrid-stiffened panels used in such industry projects as the NASA Crew Launch Vehicle (CLV) large hydrogen tank and the NASA Orion Crew Module; the ability to generate automated stress reports for projects, components and assemblies including figures, equations, sample calculations and summary margin-of-safety tables; stress reports automatically generated for use in Microsoft Word 2002-2007; the ability to centrally set database default values for all analysis methods; the ability to apply values for any component-based data (e.g., load factors, buckling knockdowns, failure methods, etc.) from one current component to all components in a group, assembly, or projects. The new version update can be downloaded from Collier's website.