Siemens delivers AI-powered CAD sketching technology

Appears in Print as: 'CAD technology employs unconstrained concept sketching'

The NX Sketch software tool offers flexibility and eliminates upfront constraints in a 3D CAD environment. 


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Source | Siemens

Automation and digitalization specialist Siemens Digital Industries Software (Plano, Texas, U.S.) announced on June 16 its NX Sketch software tool. Offering the flexibility of 2D paper concept design sketching within a 3D CAD environment, the tool eliminates upfront constraints, such as pre-defining parameters, design intent and relationships. Siemens says NX uses AI technology to help it recognize tangents and adjusts design relationships on the fly, allows for rapid design iteration of legacy data, a user to work with tens of thousands of curves within a single sketch and enables more accessibility with imported data. Part of the company’s digital twin Xcelerator portfolio, Siemens says its NX Sketch software reduces traditional barriers and improves user productivity.