Sicomin launches bio resin for HP-RTM processing

SR GreenPoxy 28 is a bio-based epoxy resin designed for fast cure, high performance, and more sustainable automotive manufacturing.
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Sicomin’s GreenPoxy 28 is aimed specifically at the HP-RTM molding processes used for both high-performance automotive structural parts and aesthetic interior carbon fiber components.


Sicomin (Marseille, France), supplier of eco-resins, has launched a new bio-based epoxy resin aimed at high-pressure resin transfer molding (HP-RTM) for more sustainable automotive manufacturing.

SR GreenPoxy 28 is the sixth product in Sicomin’s GreenPoxy range. Certified by Veritas, SR GreenPoxy 28 is said to be a fast-cycle, low toxicity, third-generation bio-based formulation aimed specifically at the HP-RTM molding processes used for both high-performance structural parts and aesthetic carbon fiber components. Sicomin says the new formulation has been optimized for fast production cycle times and superior mechanical performance.

SR GreenPoxy 28 can be fully cured using a 2-minute cure cycle at 140˚C, producing an onset glass transition temperature (Tg) of 47˚C. Sicomin says it also has exhibited ideal mechanical properties under both dry and hot/wet test conditions.

More and more manufacturers and suppliers are betting on bio-based alternatives derived from renewable raw materials,” says Philippe Marcovich, president of Sicomin. “The latest addition to our GreenPoxy range, SR GreenPoxy 28, is an exciting alternative to traditional resins providing exceptional performance and quality for high-volume programs.”