Sheeting system line

New from AZCO Corp. is FGW-1000, a line of simple to operate sheeting equipment.

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New from AZCO Corp. (Fairfield, N.J.) is a line of simple-to-operate sheeting equipment. The FGW-1000 Sheeters are designed to cut sheet materials that include composite laminates, nonwoven fibrous materials, films, foils, paper and other flexible, flat materials. It features an unwind with an optional edge guide, a cut-to-length assembly and a take-away conveyor. The motorized unwind stand is said to be simple to use. Users have the option of placing material onto a shaft with core adaptors or an air shaft, which secures the material to the roll. The SUR-SIZE cut-to-length assembly indexes and cuts material to a predetermined length. Available with an optional slitter, the cutter assembly features heavy-duty rollers and bearings, and its servomotor drive enables precision cutting on materials up to 1,000 mm/39.4 inches wide. Upon exiting the cutting unit, the material is removed by the conveyor.