Sensor film for pressure measurement

Sensor Products' Pressurex material records pressure distribution between two contacting surfaces.

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Pressurex is a thin, flexible Mylar-based sensor film manufactured by Sensor Products Inc. (Madison, N.J.). It is designed to instantly capture and permanently record pressure distribution and magnitude between any two mating or contacting surfaces, particularly mold halves in an injection mold. Placed around the parting line of a mold during clamp up, the film reveals whether or not the pressure is evenly distributed by instantaneously and permanently changing color in proportion to the actual pressure applied. Precise pressure magnitude is reportedly easy to determine by comparing the resulting color intensity to a color correlation chart. No training or instrumentation is required. The film product is available in eight different pressure-reading ranges within a 2-psi to 43,200-psi (0.14-kg/sq-cm to 3,000-kg/sq-cm) span, with medium and high-pressure ranges most commonly used for injection molding applications. The film’s operating temperature is 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C), which is suitable for testing metal molds, but the company claims it has been used successfully at temperatures exceeding 300°F/149°C for brief periods. The material is 4 to 8 mils thick, conforms to curved surfaces and is available in sheets or rolls that can be cut to size. It also can be used to determine tactile surface pressure distribution in bolted joints, laminating and heat-sealing presses, and nip rollers.