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Sandable, planeable composite staples

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Utility Composites Inc., manufacturer of RAPTOR composite staples and nails, has introduced the latest addition to the RAPTOR product line, the SH/04-40 composite staple.

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Utility Composites Inc. (Round Rock, Texas, USA), manufacturer of RAPTOR composite staples and nails, has introduced the latest addition to the RAPTOR product line, the SH/04-40 composite staple. This sturdy, 11-mm/0.43-inch, 16-gauge staple is said to perform well in wind turbine blade manufacturing and composite boatbuilding and is compatible with resin transfer molding (RTM), vacuum-assisted RTM (VARTM), prepreg, fiberglass mat, carbon fiber mat or SCRIMP lay-up. Utility Composites says it is not necessary to remove RAPTOR staples because they will not cause delamination; further, they are not susceptible to corrosion, and interfacial bonding with thermoset resins is reportedly excellent. Since RAPTOR staples can remain in the material, there are no holes to fill from fastener removal and no outgassing from holes. The SH/04-40 staple performs optimally in the OMER 83P pneumatic stapler and is also compatible with BEA P8/16-428 and Kowa S-8 tools. 


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