SABIC develops new resin for large auto body parts

Resin is a conductive PPO/polyamide alloy.

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SABIC Innovative Plastics (Pittsfield, Mass. and Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands) has developed a next-generation conductive Noryl GTX PPO/polyamide resin that reportedly provides 25 percent lower coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) than previous grades, enabling greater precision in gap management for automotive body panels. Noryl GTX 977 reportedly enhances dimensional stability for consistently part alignment in hot weather or sunlight. Improved CTE combined with retention of good impact and stiffness properties makes the material suitable for larger vertical body panels such as fenders and tailgate skins, where weight savings can be significant. SABIC says it was able to achieve a significant reduction of Noryl GTX resin’s CTE — dropping 25 percent from 9 to 7 — while largely maintaining its good impact resistance and stiffness. The resin also is designed for online electrostatic painting and delivers a Class A finish. Its conductivity reportedly improves paint transfer efficiency and coverage, and it can be processed using e-coats at bake temperatures of 200°C to 210°C (392°F to 410°F).