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Rotor/stator mixer designed for ultra-high shear

Originally titled 'High-shear mixer '
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Ross’s MegaShear high-shear rotor/stator mixer is said to generate the same level of shear as a high-pressure homogenizer.

Ross mixing machine

A MegaShear Model HSM-706M-50, mounted on a movable pallet and CE-marked. Source | Ross


Ross’s (Hauppauge, N.Y., U.S.) patented MegaShear is an ultra high shear rotor/stator mixer said to be ideal for high-throughput emulsification, dispersion and homogenization.

According to the company, the 11,300 ft/min tip speed and proprietary geometry of the MegaShear mixing head generate a level of shear usually reserved for high-pressure homogenizers. Compared to a comparably-sized homogenizer, the MegaShear mixer is reported to be less expensive and also less sensitive to clogging and changes in viscosity. 

The Ross MegaShear Model HSM-706M-50, pictured, features a 50-horsepower motor and creates high-quality dispersions, suspensions and emulsions for the composites industry and other applications.