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Reverse engineering software updated

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Verisurf Software has introduced AutoSurface for its reverse engineering software.

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Verisurf Software (Anaheim, Calif.) has introduced AutoSurface for its reverse engineering software. The new feature enables automatic creation of complex shaped surfaces from pointclouds, followed by output to a solid or surface model compatible with any CAD system. Using Reverse, users can convert to a mesh, surface or solid model that can be directly used for manufacturing or inspection purposes. AutoSurface provides the ability to use meshes to create surfaces and boundary curves. Users can import points, pointclouds or STL meshes and get the surface model.  All shapes, primitives, free forms, and open and closed volumes are supported in Reverse. Verisurf software tools allow users to accomplish the entire product cycle of scanning, meshing, auto-surfacing, solids generation, machining and inspection within a single application using a single file. Also included in Verisurf’s reverse engineering solution are tools for cleanup, organizing, filtering and projecting.