Reactive polymer tackifier

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CCP - Cook Composites and Polymers’ (Kansas City, Mo.) NuTack, a new reactive polymer tackifier, features reactive sites built into the tackifier polymer backbone that chemically bond with polyester and vinyl ester resins commonly used in resin transfer molding (RTM), RTM light, vacuum bagging and vacuum infusion molding. According to the company, testing shows significant improvement in interlaminar shear (in excess of 130 percent) as compared to conventional rubber-based adhesives. There are three new, HAP-free NuTack products: BLU 046-4066 is undyed and neutral in color; BLU 046-4061 is dyed blue to provide a visual color indicator for thickness control; BLU 046-4062 is packaged in 23-oz/652g aerosol cans. These products deliver adhesion to gel coats, barrier coats, glass fiber, carbon fiber, rolled goods and core products reportedly without interfering with resin flow.