PUR metering systems designed for digital integration

Appears in Print as: 'PUR metering systems'

KraussMaffei’s EcoStar, RimStar and RimStar Smart mixing and metering machines support digitization in polyurethane (PUR) foam production.


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EcoStar mixing and metering machine

EcoStar. Source | KraussMaffei

KraussMaffei’s (Munich, Germany) EcoStar Compact, RimStar Smart, RimStar and RimStar Plus polyurethane (PUR) mixing and metering machines are said to support digitization in foam production while offering a range of customized options.

EcoStar Compact provides metering technology for pump sizes between 4-40 liters. Designed for laboratory use or as a production machine, the series  features a Siemens KTP400 control panel, a metering pump with optional closed-loop technology for continuous optimum flow rate, and self-cleaning linear and deflection mixing heads for homogeneous mixing of reaction components. 

In the RimStar series, customers can choose between standardized RimStar and RimStar Smart solutions, or assemble a customized RimStar Plus mixing and metering machine. 

The RimStar Smart offers equipment features for efficient series production of PUR components in modern Industry 4.0 production environments. Siemens TP 700 operating panels and volume flow meters (VC) are provided as standard and form the basis for the optional closed-loop control of the pour rate at shot time. The interface connects plant technology and automation, if required, and an additional RFID interface for mold recognition increases efficiency. A pentane kit can be added as an additional option.

RimStar mixing and metering machine

RimStar. Source | KraussMaffei

Optional features for RimStar machines include multi-position metering, as well as a full range of mixing heads for up to six components. Equipment options include sensor-controlled oil cooling for the mixing head hydraulics, gas and propellant loading, color aggregates and mixing heads with controlled nozzle technology. In addition, integration into automated system concepts is possible by means of appropriate interfaces. RimStar is controlled by a TP-HMI from Siemens, with the optional PUC08 from KraussMaffei including production data acquisition.

In addition, the RimStar is ideally set up for process data acquisition and evaluation using DataXplorer, which provides a basis for process documentation and optimization in the context of Industry 4.0 automation.