PRO-SET two-part expanding epoxy foam

Pourable structural foam with excellent gap-filling ability provides a very solid yet high-performance structure.

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The new two-part M1034/M2037 Expanding Epoxy Foam from PRO-SET (Bay City,  MI, US) expands 3 to 4 times in volume when mixed and features a very uniform cell size for consistent properties. With a simple mix ratio of 2:1, the epoxy fully expands in 20 to 25 minutes at 77°F/25°C and achieves full cure at room temperature, but optimum properties result from a 6-hr post-cure at 160°F/70°C. With a density of 15 to 19 lb/ft3 (240 to 304 kg/m3), the material is recommended as a pourable structural foam with excellent gap-filling ability. For example, one current application is its use as a solution for bonding in keels and rudders. The expanded foam anchors fiberglass skins, ballast and/or other components, providing a very solid yet high-performance structure.

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