PRF introduces epoxy prepreg systems

Originally titled 'Epoxy prepreg systems'

PRF Composite Materials (Poole, Dorset, UK) has launched three new epoxy prepreg systems.

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PRF Composite Materials (Poole, Dorset, UK) has launched three new epoxy prepreg systems. Curing at temperatures of 65-120°C, RP442 is a new low-temperature system that offers out life of up to 30 days at 20°C. PRF has also developed a winter version of its popular mid-temperature component prepreg. RP542-3 retains similar properties to RP542-1, but has increased tack levels, making it ideal for use in colder workshops. Finally, PRF offers its latest tooling system, RP803. Providing a mid-range solution between RP801 Standard cure and RP802 Overnight cure, this new system has a cure cycle of 12 hours at 60°C, or 6 hours at 70°C, with a tack life of seven days at 20°C.

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