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PRF Composite Materials releases RP542-4 toughened prepreg system for UD and woven fabrics

Originally titled 'Toughened epoxy prepreg system '
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PRF Composite Materials’ RP542-4 is its latest epoxy prepreg system for unidirectional and woven carbon fiber fabrics.

PRF Composite Materials (Dorset, U.K.) introduces RP542-4, its latest epoxy
prepreg system for unidirectional (UD) and woven carbon fiber fabrics. RP542-4 has been designed as an intermediately toughened system to complement the company’s RP542-1 and super-toughened RP549 systems. 

According to the company, the system has exhibited excellent tensile, compressive, flexural and interlaminar properties through mechanical testing, and has shown a coefficient of thermal expansion (Tg) of 138°C after curing at 120°C. The onset Tg can reportedly be improved by 20°C to 120°C after postcuring at 140°C for 2 hours. The system has an outlife of 60 days at 20°C. RP542-4 is available on 300-gsm and 600-gsm unidirectional carbon fiber as well as on a variety of fiber types in PRF’s range of high-quality woven fabrics.


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