Pressure-indicating sensor film for resin injection molding

Sensor Products Inc. has developed a new version of its Pressurex pressure-indicating film for use in resin transfer molded (RTM) applications.

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Sensor Products Inc.’s (Madison, N.J.) new-version Pressurex pressure-indicating film for resin transfer molding (RTM) applications reveals the distribution of surface contact pressures in cores, composite layups and bonded surfaces, and is used as a quality-control method to correct and prevent defects that result if the preform does not uniformly fill the mold. Used to test the preform before the resin is injected, the film indicates the need for preform modifications before a bad part is produced: The film is placed on top of the preform, the mold is closed, then reopened, and the film is inspected. Film color variation reveals areas of high and low pressure. The pressure magnitude is determined by comparing the film to a color correlation chart. The films measure from 2 to 43,500 psi (0.14 to 300 kg/cm2) and are available in different pressure ranges.