Polyester prepreg for radomes

New from Lewcott Corp. is FM5LF, a prepreg polyester resin system for tubular radome applications.

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New from Lewcott Corp. (Millbury, Mass.) is FM5LF, a polyester prepreg system for tubular radome applications. It is said to offer structural toughness in finished parts as well as handling characteristics during layup that facilitate high-volume component production. The company says the new prepreg joins a stable of products that can be tailored, in terms of manufacturing and dielectric performance, to benefit laminators, molders and end-users in a variety of radome and antenna applications. Tailored formulations that incorporate epoxy or polyester resin systems include general-purpose prepregs for solid laminates, self-adhesive prepregs for cored laminates, autoclavable and/or oven-curable prepregs and wrapable tapes for tubular radomes. The cure temperatures range from 150°F to 250°F (66°C to 121°C).