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Ply-based modeling software plug-in

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Composites engineering consultancy PlySim Ltd. has released a new version of FEMPLY Express, a ply-based modelling software plug-in for Siemens FEMAP pre- and post-processor.

PlySim Ltd. (Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.) has released FEMPLY Pro, a composite ply-based modeling software plug-in for Siemens PLM Software’s (Plano, Texas) FEMAP Pre and Post Processor. Because it is fully integrated into FEMAP and makes use of FEMAP’s Global Ply capabilities, FEMPLY facilitates tabular definition of whole component laminate schedules, closely following manufacturing processes within what is said to be a simple, intuitive user interface. Multiple plies can be edited in one operation and remapped onto a new mesh after mesh refinement. The release of FEMPLY Pro augments the FEMPLY product range with the addition of the following:

  • Ply draping to account for fiber angle deviation during the manufacturing process and to verify planned production processes, reducing the need for modifications or redesign late in the manufacturing process.
  • Flat pattern export, enabling the user to directly extract 2-D CAD ply shapes for use in ply booklets or cutting patterns, enhancing the accuracy and reproducibility of the component.
  • Postprocessing to Hill, Hoffman, Tsai-Wu, Max Stress, Max Strain, Puck and LaRC02 failure theorems with output vectors by Layer, Global Ply and Maximum. FEMPLY Pro also offers Critical Ply and Fibre Angle output vectors to quickly and easily identify critical areas.


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