Peelable protective coating

Scott Bader Co. Ltd.

Scott Bader Co. Ltd. (Wellingborough, U.K.) has developed Crystic Mouldguard, a peelable, tough, temporary protective coating for fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) molds and moldings. It’s designed to protect against the detrimental effects of storage (or transportation) during periods of non-use. Steel molds can also be similarly protected against rusting and damage. Decommissioned molds and molded products occasionally are stored outside where they are subject to UV light, frost, standing water and dirt as well as general damage and surface scratches. The application of a 0.5 mm to 0.6 mm thick layer of Mouldguard film coating is designed to prevent such damage and the rework it can cause. The manufacturer says the coating is effective for up to 12 months without intermediate treatments and can be easily peeled prior to use. Mouldguard is available in two formulations for spray application (Mouldguard S), and brush application (Mouldguard B), with both formulations available in a range of colors.