Oxford Advanced Surfaces develops low cure temperature surface treatment

Appears in Print as: 'Low temperature chemical surface treatment'

Onto EP1132 is a non-abrasive, low temperature cure carbene chemistry surface treatment product to improve part adhesion to paints and adhesives.


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Oxford Advanced Surfaces industrial pipe stock photo
Photo Credit: Oxford Advanced Surfaces

Onto EP1132 is a low temperature cure carbene chemistry surface treatment product developed by Oxford Advanced Surfaces (OAS, Begbroke, U.K.) for the painting or lacquering of composites. The product is said to be able to cure at 80oC, making it easier to handle and more easily integrated into existing painting processes compared to a 100oC cure treatment. Onto can be applied by spray for easy access and improved quality finish to difficult areas of a part such as internal corners, difficult angles and blind voids. In addition, use of Onto EP1132 is said to remove the need for sanding or mechanical abrasion, providing a 90% reduction in surface preparation time.

The patented Onto chemistry platform delivers a range of surface treatment to improve the adhesion of paints, coatings and adhesives to composite materials and engineering plastics in applications in the automotive, transportation, motorsport, defense and sporting goods industries.  According to OAS, Onto has also been developed to reduce processing time, reduce cost and enhance repeatability compared to conventional surface treatment methods.