Out-of-autoclave carbon fiber prepreg

Amber Composites has introduced Multipreg E520, an out-of-autoclave component prepreg that is reportedly easy to use and offers good surface finish.

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Amber Composites’ (Nottingham, U.K.) Multipreg E520-SP, a 245 g/m² “differentially coated,” out-of-autoclave, modified 3K carbon fiber/epoxy prepreg system, is designed for use as visible surface plies when a cosmetic surface must be produced on relatively thin parts during a vacuum-bag oven cure. (A companion E520 prepreg, a fully impregnated 245 g/m² 3K carbon system, is recommended for use as backup plies.) The surface prepreg’s drape and tack are said to ease layup, and in-process parts reportedly require no intermediate debulks prior to cure. The cure times range from 12 hours at 70°C/158°F to as little as 30 minutes at 120°C/248°F. The company also reports that it has increased its unidirectional prepreg manufacturing capabilities with the addition of a dedicated unidirectional manufacturing line. As a result, its resin formulations are now available in prepregs with a wide range of woven, multiaxial and unidirectional formats. The new unidirectional systems are designed to complement Amber’s range of woven systems and are available in a range of fibers and resin systems.