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Optris launches high-speed pyrometer CT 4M

High-speed pyrometer possesses a detection time of 90 µs, and is ideal for low-temperature measurements.


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Optris high-speed pyrometer.

Photo Credit: Optris

Optris GmbH (Berlin, Germany) now offers the new high-speed pyrometer CT 4M for tasks that require fast temperature measurement. Typical examples are plastics processing machinery which work on short cycle times, and the temperature measurement of rail vehicles’ wheelset bearings. A detection time of 90 µs makes it the fastest pyrometer within Optris’ offered product range.

The CT 4M measures within the spectral range of 2.2-6.0 µm, making it ideal for low-temperature measurements (from 0-500 °C) on metals, metal oxides, ceramics, or for materials with an unknown or changing emissivity. The pyrometer’s 28-mm-long compact sensor head measures 14 mm in diameter and can easily be installed even where space is at a premium. The remote electronics unit is connected to the sensor head via a cable up to 15 m long; important parameters can be entered here directly via three keys and an illuminated display.

Further, the integrated interface allows the CT 4M to be connected directly to a PC, where all settings can be fine-tuned in the CompactPlus Connect software. Date capture and recording are also possible using the software. Other serial interfaces or an Ethernet interface are also available options.

In addition to a PC, Optris notes that the pyrometer can also be connected to an Android mobile device through installation of the IRmobile app, enabling convenient adjustment of the pyrometer settings during commissioning or maintenance work directly on site. To connect the CT 4M to the process, two scalable analog outputs and three I/O pins (programmable inputs/outputs) are available.